How to design a modern/slightly futuristic-looking application?

I was hoping to get some advice from some more experienced UI developers. I have been presented with a unique challenge by my customer, and I feel like I am failing.

Specifically, they want a UI that looks modern and almost futuristic. Call of Duty, Minority Report have been specifically mentioned.

The challenge I face is to give them something close, but actually usable. The app is a program that people will use all day long. Nobody wants to really look at a game like interface all day. Also, I know as a front-end engineer, I don’t want to load a bunch of static images, so I want to implement as much of this as I can in CSS. I need the resulting markup to be dynamic, so I can animate or scale it without distorting static images.

I really feel like I am out of my league. Also, they want the ability to switch the colour scheme from light to dark etc. therefore I don’t want to lock myself into something that just looks good in black.

How do you make something futuristic yet actually usable?

Here is what I have for a list of items (looks kind of cheesy to me)


X-wing fighters are cool, but to tell Ford I want a car that looks like an X-wing fighter would be a really ridiculous request, as x-wing fighters aren’t designed to be usable cars.

So, a client asking for a ‘minority report’ UI likely isn’t providing you with any meaningful requirements.

Design needs to be based around a particular objective. So, you need to step back and figure that out first. What is the business objective in this case? I assume it’s centered around some customer needs/wants. Figure that out first, then see what aspect of a ‘minority report’ UI would actually make sense (if any) in helping achieve those objectives.

Source : Link , Question Author : thebringking , Answer Author : DA01

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