How to design a simple (text and a shape logo) for a website

All I need for my website is just a text and a shape beside the text or over it,
I googled a lot but there were no simple answers, using illustrator is just an overkill.

For example, company named “SomeX”, writing the name “Some” inserting a shape, representing a big “X” symbol beside it or over the text. I Know it would be terrible design, I’m not selling it, it’s just for personal demonstration while I’m working.

Are there any methods or software to achieve this simply? Write the text, add the symbol and drag it anywhere, and export the PNG.


I would suggest Illustrator or Inkscape. You say that that is overkill, but it is not really: to make sensible logos (and you might need the practice of this, if you are to be a webdeveloper!) you need to do them in vector. I cannot stress this enough.

Inkscape is open-source, and you can do easy things without getting confused by all the more advanced options.

There are other programs of course, I am sure your computer came with some simple bitmap graphics programme. There is a plethora of them; paint, paintPro, corel-draw, irfanview.

Source : Link , Question Author : sfrued , Answer Author : benteh

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