How to design in Photoshop an image for a display that has 132 PPI horizontal and 142 PPI vertical

In Photoshop I need to design for the screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels with the pixel pitch of 0.1926 mm x 0.179 mm.

The active area is 154.08 x 85.92 mm

This translates to 131.87 x 141.89 pixels per inch. So we cannot assume a square pixel to design the screen.

Design has to be set up for a rectangular pixel with varying pixel per inch in horizontal direction of 132 pixels and vertical directions of 142 pixels respectively.


First of all, the image itself does not care about pixel pitch and will display the same as any image on any screen, it will simply appear distorted as a result of the non-square pixels if they are not taken in to account when creating your image. In Photoshop you can set the view to compensate for different pixel aspect ratios, essentially distorting the image by the same amount as your intended pixel aspect ratio.

With your document open, choose View → Pixel Aspect Ratio and choose the pixel aspect ratio of the device you’re designing for. There are a number of predefined aspect ratios or you can set your own custom value.

In your case you need to create a new aspect ratio by selecting Custom Pixel Aspect Ratio… and entering “1.078” (193/179, your pixel pitch, to 3 decimal places).

enter image description here

Note that setting the the Pixel Aspect Ratio in this manner only changes the view for preview purposes—It doesn’t actually affect your file in any way.

You can read more about pixel aspect ratios in Photoshop here:

Source : Link , Question Author : Sathiya , Answer Author : Cai

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