How to determine correct font name between OSX and Windows with Adobe “Find Font”

In Adobe Illustrator CC 2017,

Edit: To everyone else who is experiencing this problem. It appears to
be a really bad bug. Please upvote the issue on the link below so Adobe can be aware and fix
this problem in their new release.
I will be selecting the best “work around” as an answer since there is no way to actually fix this until Adobe wakes up.

How to determine the correct font name between OSX and Windows with Adobe “Find Font” / Missing Font Manager?

Is it ITCAvantGardeStd or is it ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std?

  • When opening in Illustrator on Mac the missing font is: ITC
    Avant Garde Gothic Std

  • When opening in Illustrator on Windows the missing font is: ITCAvantGardeStd

In Windows it is displaying It’s PostScript Name
which does not include the word Gothic!

How do you know what font to install?!

OSX – Good

  • Correct font name displayed in Mac when font is installed

enter image description here

  • Correct font name when font is missing/uninstalled on Mac

enter image description here

  • Mac File Manager and Font Manager

enter image description here

Windows – Bad

  • PostScript font names in Windows. (No mention of Gothic)

enter image description here

  • Windows File Manager and Font Manager

enter image description here

  • Illustrator will no longer display the PostScript name when the correct font is installed. Interesting… but not helpful!!


  • When installed the font will not display it’s PostScript name or be searchable by it’s PostScript name!!!

enter image description here

FontForge Info on ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std

enter image description here

enter image description here


After months of researching I have found many solutions to this problem.

You need to search for the PostScript name.

Windows font manager does not search for it. That’s why it doesn’t show up when you search for it. Don’t worry, there’s a way around that!

Option 1 (Nexusfont )

  1. Download nexusfont (FREE)
  2. (Optional) Uninstall all fonts except for Windows that came with Windows. (To prevent conflicts)
  3. Organize fonts and then search for PostScript name.
  4. Right click properties and it will give you more details on the naming.

Pros: Gives a lot of details. Doubles as a great FontManager with live type preview capabilities. Install and uninstall fonts directly from nexusfont.

Cons: All fonts are active until you close out of the program. It’s not really a con unless you have too many fonts. Can cause certain programs to crash. You have to install the font, close out of NexusFont, finish your job close your job then open NexusFont then uninstall the font, then close NexusFont.

Option 2 (Windows Explorer Method)

  1. Do NOT use Windows Font manager to search. It does not search PostScript names.
  2. (Optional) Uninstall all fonts except for Windows that came with Windows. (To prevent conflicts)
  3. Move all your fonts to a folder outside of the “Windows Font
    Manager Folder.” search your PostScript name in the search field. It
    will show all fonts that contain that PostScript name.
  4. To see the PostScript Name: Right click -> Properties -> Details -> Title

Pros: Do not need to download additional software.

Cons: Cannot read all the details because windows explorer is stupid and cuts it off with no way to expand the properties window.

Dishonorable mentions (stay clear unless you already have these):

  1. Free trial of Suitcase Fusion by Extensis.
    That’s because it’s $119.95 and it’s really not that good except for the “Auto Activation” and “Temporary Activation” It might be worth it if that matters to you.

  2. Universal Type Server by Extensis. Because it’s so expensive they don’t list the price and it doesn’t manage a local database. It’s slower than NexusFont and constantly crashes.

I could not find any other type manager that searched PostScript names with the ability to install and uninstall fonts. If anyone else has some other font managers that can do this comment and I will add them to the list. Thank you!

Source : Link , Question Author : LateralTerminal , Answer Author : Community

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