How to determine the color and opacity using the color picker tool?

I have received a PSD that has a semi transparent image in it. I know the image is semitransparent because I see the Photoshop checkered background behind it. When I look at the layers I see one layer and the fill and opacity of that layer is 100%.

When I use the color picker / eye dropper tool the color it finds does not show alpha information. It also shows the “incorrect” color. For example, if I click on a pixel that is nearly completely transparent, it looks like light gray, it shows full red #FF0000 in the color picker window.

If PS is showing me the correct color value but with no transparency how do I get the transparency value?

Backstory: I’m trying to match a color and not able to do it.


Posting my ‘findings’ if someone else googles their way here.

In Photoshop’s Info panel, you can choose ‘Opacity’ as a readout mode,
though it will show up as a percentage and not as a real alpha value.

To enable it, simply open the Info window, choose Panel Options and
then set the Second Color Readout mode to Opacity.

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