how to display current colour values of pixel under cursor in gimp?

Is there a way to display the colour values of a pixel currently under the cursor?

I’ve seen that in different other software. Why do I need that? I have to clone textured areas in a picture. But those textured areas vary greatly in brightness. It ist not possible to select an area to clone with a matching brightness with bare eyes.

So I’d like to see the current colour values in the status bar, if possible. How do I activate that? I tried to find it in the documentation, but I do not know, what terms to search for.


I’d like to see the color value updated too… at the moment I’m using the Pointer Dialog, which is updated while moving the mouse and shows the numerical values under the cursor:

Pointer Dialog

You can show it using Windows… Dockable dialogs… Pointer

Source : Link , Question Author : Ariser , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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