How to display the boundary of a text area

I’ve drawn a rectangle with rounded corners and I want to use it as a text box. But if I choose area type tool and click the rectangle, the rectangle will disappear. I can’t set the stroke because it’s for the texts themselves. So how to display the text box? Thank you.


You need 2 rectangles. Area text boxes are not shapes intended to be visible.

Simply copy the first rectangle, proceed to add your text, when done Edit > Paste In Front and give the pasted rectangle the stroke.

Another option is to use an additional fill in the Appearance Panel with the Convert to Shape effect applied to create a rounded rectangle.


If you merely want a stroke and not a fill.. add a new stroke via the Appearance Panel rather than a fill, then apply the Rounded Rectangle Effect to the stroke.

Source : Link , Question Author : ziyuang , Answer Author : Scott

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