How to distort a jpeg on osx?

I have a photographed document that unfortunately is slightly in perspective. (Details: I took a photo of the document with Photo Booth but couldn’t really make it perfectly vertical and no longer have access to the document) I need to distort it so that it looks as if it was perfectly vertical.

How can I accomplish this in OSX? I also have Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop installed


You may use Photoshop which is better to correct your bitmap image distortion.

Either use Vanishing Point tools from Camera Raw but if the distortion got several VP’s then you may use Edit -> Perspective Warp, if already available at CS6, or Edit -> Transform -> Distort. Also there’s the puppet warp tool since CS5.

So in the end you do have a lot of options to correct that.



Source : Link , Question Author : gota , Answer Author : Horacsio

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