How to do curve stitching?

How would one go about making something like this in Illustrator or other software? I know how to make a circle and lines but is there an easy way to do the spacing and connection?
enter image description here


I assumed that would be a continuous path moving from one point to the next (as you mentioned stitching) but it looks like they are actually just a bunch of squares and triangles, rotated around a common center. In which case…

  1. Draw a sqaure:


  1. Use a transform effect (Effect → Distort & Transform → Transform… ) with a rotation and a number of copies:


  1. Draw a triangle inside the “circle” of your transformed sqaures:


  1. You want to rotate your triangles around the same center but the center of your triangle isn’t the same as the center of your squares so draw a circle with no stroke or fill and center it with the sqaures, then group it with your triangle.

    Then apply a transform effect as you did with the sqaure:



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