How to do line optical illusion art effects?

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I was wondering how I can do this type of optical illusion. Is it done manually or is there a quicker way to do it. Thanks ahead of time.


Simulate the old bw photo printing system. There dot sizes or line widths are modulated by local greyshades.

  • have a bw photo as a layer
  • have a pattern of black lines or dots on white. The pattern is your major line art and the printing raster at the same time. The illusion is the simulated greyshades.
  • blur the pattern. A slight zone of black and white should be left.
  • adjust the curves to get uniform shift from white to black in the blurred pattern
  • copy the blurred pattern to the layer mask of the photo, invert the mask!
  • insert a white background
  • make a safety copy of everything to be able to readjust and try again
  • merge the background and the masked photo
  • choose proper foreground and background colors in the tool palette; black and white are good.
  • go to image adjustment “Treshold”
  • adjust the treshold for your taste

Overlay your original pattern to make the line art dominant.

Here are a couple of examples. The line art is a bunch of horizontal straight lines. First a noisy smartphone photo is hidden into the “art”


In this example a second piece of art is hidden into the same horizontal line art:

Real art

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