How to draw 3 overlapping circles with different colors?

Is there a free software to draw following in ubuntu? How to color the overlap zone? I am not able to figure this out in GIMP.

enter image description here


You can use Inkscape. Basically, you’ll have to break the circles into several parts, one for each possible intersection of circles:

  1. Select two circles you want to create the intersection for.
  2. Use Object → Intersection (Ctrl + *) to create the intersection.
  3. Copy the intersection to the clipboard (Ctrl + C).
  4. Undo the intersection operation (Ctrl + Z), which deletes the intersection object and restores the original circles.
  5. Paste the intersection object in place (Ctrl + Alt + V, not Ctrl + V).
  6. Colour the intersection.
  7. Repeat steps 1–6 for the remaining pairs of circles, and again on the three two-circle intersections (to create the middle intersection).

You might also want to use the difference operator (Ctrl + -) on the outer circles to cut out the shape of the inner parts.

Source : Link , Question Author : tknSFF , Answer Author : MarianD

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