How to draw attention to a specific area of a design?

What are the best practices for drawing attention to specific parts of a design?


Here are some ways you can draw attention, roughly from the least subtle to the most:

  • Movement – While effective, this should be used sparingly because it can grow distracting and annoying.
  • Size – If a design element is larger than everything else, it will stand out.
  • Color – Any deviation from the background colors or other colors used throughout the design will draw the eye.
  • Contrast – A dark object on a light background will stand out. You should also consider logical contrasts in your subject matter, such as the following list: apple, orange, pear, bicycle.
  • Text/Copy – Certain words draw the eye: Free, Secret, etc.
  • Whitespace – Giving a design object enough whitespace around it will help differentiate it.
  • Guiding the eye along a path – This can be as subtle as the direction a person’s eyes are looking in a photograph or as blatant as an arrow.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jakub Arnold , Answer Author : Virtuosi Media

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