How to draw hand drawn style icons? [duplicate]

hand drawn image

I have always wondered how illustrations like above are drawn. What is the usual and efficient way? Do designers do sketches first and then trace over them or there is a technique?

It looks specially crafted to look hand drawn, but still is clear in its function. This style is most used in videos describing some new website etc.

I would like to produce this either using Photoshop or Illustrator and I can use a graphic tablet.


Here’s a video explaining the processes:

Believe it or not.. people actually can draw.

So often people assume there’s some computer trick to something magical they can do to mimic skill as an artist when the answer is really… be an artist who can draw or hire one.

If you just want hand-drawn style icons, draw them and then scan them. I have yet to find any digital processes which yields better results. Even with a tablet and Photoshop the drawing isn’t the same. If you have a Cintique then you may be able to forego scanning, but the distance and angle of tablet use seems to not be conducive to traditional results on paper.

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