How to draw in watercolor style using software only?

I’ve seen thousands of watercolor style drawings which were made using computers and graphic tablets on sites like Artstation, Pixiv, Devianart, Behance and I’d like to know how the pros do it.

I couldn’t find any drawing streams/timelapses which would explain why the artist is using that software or the other, or which approaches are better for which cases. All I could find in google are low quality basic tutorials from inexperienced artists where the resulting work does not look watercolory enough to call it that. Most tutorials I’ve found explain how to apply a watercolor(-like) effect to existing photos, and I haven’t seen that done in the pros’ drawing timelapses where the result is of desirable quality.

So if you know a quality tutorial where it’s explained which software and approach should be used, I’d like to see that. Or if you’re a pro artist yourself, please post your guide. I’d love to learn from the best.

I know stackexchange hates list questions but it’s either that, or asking for a detailed tutorial to be posted as an answer here. Personally, I’d be happy with either option, but please tell me if I could improve this question.


You’ve asked for software or tutorial. And you’ve got some links for both. I’d just like to focus on one particular piece of software because:

  • it’s free
  • it has proven record of watercolor capacity
  • it has good designated tool sets for watercolor

I’m talking about Krita which was already mentioned by Billy Kerr. As well as David Revoy who has proved this piece of software can do watercolor.

To be more precise:

Watercolor Brush Set

Source : Link , Question Author : user1306322 , Answer Author : hypers

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