How to Draw Perfect Curves in AI?

A perfect curve looks something like this image:

sample image of perfect curve

When I try to draw a similar curve shape in Illustrator, I couldn’t get the above effect. It’s just about 85% perfect. As you see closely, there are ‘SHARP EDGES’ along the object:

curve shape with SHARP EDGES

I’m sure there are AI experts here. How can I achieve the perfect curve using the pen tool? It would be great if you guys can share links of lessons to do it as well.


I’d like to note two things. First, you want to watch your width when you’re dealing with shapes. Something that tapers and swells smoothly and consistently will look a lot better.

Also, I find when I’m trying to draw smooth curves that I draw them better if I set the curve handles in a way that they flow from one into the next. Let me illustrate with a picture:

Curve examples in Illustrator

The top curve demonstrates uneven width a bit dramatically. But look at the second image; I added dotted lines as imaginary extensions of the curve lines. You see how they gradually intersect? This isn’t always possible depending on the shape you’re trying to draw, but if you do it you’re much more likely to get a curve that looks great. Compare that to some of the more irregular directions that the curves in the first image take.

Source : Link , Question Author : Artalic , Answer Author : Brendan

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