How to “draw” pointed corner drop shadows in Adobe Illustrator CS5

I have this image which I want to re-draw/reverse engineered so that I can use it at different sizes as resizing it cause it to look bad.

pic shadow

But I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. The drop shadows on two sides and with the amount of shadows increasing from less to more as you go further out.

Do I, just for example, take a rect and play with the drop shadow settings? I tried that but I am not even getting close.

Just need a push to the right direction.


I would use a gradient mesh for a couple reasons.

  • It will be infinitely scalable as a mesh
  • Trying to teak some raster settings within Illustrator will require quite a bit of playing, especially to achieve the distance blurring. And, after all that, you’d still have to re-tweak whenever you want to adjust the shadow.

While many users fear and avoid gradient meshes, there’s really no reason to. They are as quickly created as any other vector object within Illustrator. In most cases the use of a mesh is much more versatile than any raster effect.

Mesh shadow

Source : Link , Question Author : Jawad , Answer Author : Scott

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