How to duplicate circles increasing their size in Illustrator?

I want to copy a circle and re-size it at the same time, then do Ctrl+D several times to imitate the behavior and end up having circles with increasing diameter.

I don’t want it to scale the new circle by the same fixed %, ending up with a sort of logarithmic growth related to the original circle. What I’d need to do is to have a linear growth, so that the increasing in the radius is linear.

Not sure if I explained it correctly, any doubt let me know!


Polar Grid Tool Method

:: Quick and dirty ::

  • On the Tools Palette, click and hold on the “Line Tool”.
  • Choose “Polar Grid Tool” from the drop-down
  • Begin dragging your shape, but don’t release the mouse button
  • Pressing the arrow keys in this “unreleased shape” state will alter the number of line dividers, and will yield something like the result you seem to be asking for.

If that won’t suffice, you either want the Scaling Tool or Blending.

Scaling Tool Method

:: An overlooked fundamental ::

Select you shape with the Selection Tool, then choose the Scale Tool (keyboard shortcut: ‘s’).

'Select' your shape

In this instance, you’ll want to press “Enter” with the shape selected to bring up the Scale Tool Dialog, tweak the settings, and choose “Copy” at the bottom of the dialog.

Tweak the dialog. Remember to "Copy"
Result Example. Mind the tick box "Scale Strokes and Effects"

Press Cmd / Ctrl + D to repeat the effect the desired number of times.
Cmd / Ctrl + D to repeat the action

One setting to pay attention to in the dialog is “Scale Strokes and Effects”.

Choose according to your design

As you can see, the strokes in this example are not increased as in the other result:

Increased width and height without increased strokes / effects

Blending Method

:: Powerful but sometimes more than necessary ::

  1. Make one circle sized as your innermost circle, and one as your outermost.
  2. Select both objects.
  3. In File Menu / Menu Bar: Object > Blend > Make
  4. This probably won’t yield the desired results, so again from your Menu options, choose Object > Blend > Blending Options*
  5. In the dialog, for “Spacing”, choose either “Specified Steps” or “Specified Distance”. Tweak the numbers until you a result you like (make sure you have the “Preview” box ticked!)

*Alternatively, you can double-click on your “Blend Tool” in the Tools Palette to bring up your Blend Options dialog box.

Source : Link , Question Author : Artemix , Answer Author : Jeremy

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