How to edit a pixel without modifying surrounding pixels

When working on a bitmap image in Photoshop, I often need to make changes to individual pixels, such as using the Paintbrush to change the colour. This would typically involve zooming into the maximum level possible – 3200% – then using a 1px brush to paint the individual pixels, as seen below. However, this has the unwanted effect of also changing the colour of the surrounding pixels to a lesser degree.

enter image description here

How can I avoid this behaviour to modify the properties of only a single pixel? I’ve come across the workaround of creating a 1px x 1px fixed size selection around the pixel as I’m working on it, thereby preventing the surrounding pixels from being affected, but this seems like a convoluted, time-consuming hack more than a real solution. Is there nothing in Photoshop designed for this purpose – or at the very least, a hack or plugin that would be less time-consuming?


You’ll want to use the Pencil tool instead of Brush tool. It allows you to do pixel level edits without any anti-aliasing (the fuzzy area). It’s located below the Brush tool or can be accessed by repeatedly pressingShift+B until it cycles around.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hashim Aziz , Answer Author : Ryan

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