How to edit existing rectangle selection in GIMP?

I have a rectangle selection. As long as I stay on the rectangle selection tool I can click in the rectangle to change the size.

If I switch to another tool (e.g. move tool) and then come back to the rectangle selection tool it seems I can no longer edit the size of the selection. What I’d like is to be able to somehow re-activate the selection so that I can resize it to adjust the dimensions.

Is this possible in GIMP or do I have to create a brand new selection?


After using a selection, or switching tools such as using the Move Tool, you can make the selection editable once again by choosing the Rectangle Select Tool, and clicking inside the selection.

Move Tool deactivates selection editability

Screenshot: Move Tool deactivates selection editablility

Choose the Rectangle Select Tool, and click inside the selection. This restores the editability of the selection.

Screenshot, Restoring editability of Selection

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