How to ensure color fidelity of the same file on two computers?

What is the safest way to ensure that raster image exported from illustrator will be displayed correctly (in term of color fidelity) on another computer ?

I know that there will always be some inter-individual difference in term of color perception. However, I have experienced several difference between color perception of the same file on two computers. The differences were so important that some details were not visible..

Thank you in advance


There isn’t much you can do, unfortunately. The safest you can do is to make sure the image is in the sRGB color space when exported. The majority of people will be viewing it on monitors within that color gamut. Then just hope the people viewing your image don’t have poorly calibrated monitors!

If you know the target device it’s a bit easier. A few of my clients use 4k Adobe RGB monitors for their trade show, so I always make sure I know the target device so I can account for this when proofing for other monitors.

If they are viewing your image from the web, also keep in mind that even if they have a correctly calibrated monitor, some browsers are not color managed.

To keep it simple, sRGB everything. 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Brice , Answer Author : Jeremy Ryler

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