How to expand a paper texture from a photo across a wider resolution than the original photo?

I have a photo that I’d like to turn into a wallpaper:

enter image description here

I’m pretty new to Photoshop, so I wasn’t able to stack up the paper texture in a clean way. Is there a way to make this paper texture repeat in a non-obvious way to fill a 1920×1080 area?

What I tried

I have tried using some cleanup brushes but they didn’t work the way I wanted them to.

enter image description here


Use Fill set to Content Aware and Color Adapt. It won’t be perfect but it will work really well for this. If you want better I’d go back over it after to refine the texture a bit manually with either custom brushes or clone stamp.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Preston Shumway , Answer Author : Ryan

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