How to export an InDesign file to PDF that is going to be spiral bound

Ok so I designed a 106 page cookbook that is going to be spiral bounded.

I created my InDesign document with a 3mm bleed and facing pages.

On some pages there is an image that is stretched between two spreads, and some full bleed images.

My question now is how do I export this to PDF to send it to the printers.

Thanks in advance.


The same way you’d export any print-destined file. Export as single page, PDF/X-1a with bleeds and marks.

Be aware, you really want large inner margins for any type of spiral or comb binding. And spanning images across the gutter may result in misaligned images. It’s generally not a great idea to span across the gutter when spiral or comb binding.

Source : Link , Question Author : HighWayDog , Answer Author : Scott

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