How to extract PNGs from Adobe Illustrator file

My graphic/web designer left me with an Adobe Illustrator file of my website. She said it would be easy to extract the images out as PNGs so I can use them in my HTML. But I can’t figure this out too easily.

The images seem to be many vector drawings. I can separate them from the surrounding art and select all the pieces. But then how do I save that selection as a PNG file?

Btw.: I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6.


  1. Select what you want
  2. Ctrl + G (Group Selection)
  3. Ctrl + C (Copy)
  4. Ctrl + N (New file)
  5. Ctrl + V (Paste)
  6. File > Save for Web & Devices then on the right switch .JPG to .PNG, then you also want to uncheck at the very bottom under the .PNG options where it says “Clip to Artboard”

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