How to extract the result of a multiply blend from the underlaying layer

In Photoshop I have a layer A which is placed onto another layer B using a multiple blend. The result looks good.

Now, I wish to hide layer B so that layer A can be saved out as a semi-transparent PNG and used on a web page which has B as a background. The alignment may not be perfect, so I don’t wish to include the background in this PNG.

The problem, of course, is that as soon as I hide B layer A returns to it’s original colours since there’s no longer anything to multiply with. What I need is a way of fixing the result of the blend – the colour shifts that A was subjected to – such that I can remove B.

Does anyone have an idea?




I was having the same problem and I ended up used the background eraser tool. Basically the Multiply tool is getting rid of all the white in your image. This tool does the same but instead deletes it and is not based on the layer below.

Take the layer that you would have on top (in your case layer A) and use the background eraser tool on a low tolerance. Test until you find the perfect number (in my case it was about 20). Also make sure it’s clicked to ‘sampling: background swatch’ and make sure your background swatch color is white.

It worked quite well for me; I hope it works for you too.

Source : Link , Question Author : tarmes , Answer Author : Andrew Myers

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