How to fill in areas surrounded by line segments?

I have a rectangular shape and I added an “extension area” to it with several line segments and closed it back to the rectangle.

Specifically, I clicked on an anchor point off a corner of the rectangle drew several line segments off this point and connecting each by the anchor point of each segment. I drew and closed off this shape by drawing the line segment back to the rectangle’s anchor point.

How do I fill in this new area with a color?

In the example below I’d like to fill in the “polygon shape” that’s extended off of the rectangle with some non-white color. When I select the rectangle and polygon, I get a question mark: “?” in the fill area.

enter image description here


  • Select All
  • Grab the Live Paint Bucket Tool (it’s underneath the Shape Builder Tool)
  • Click once to make a Live Paint Group from the lines and shape
  • Pick a color, and click the area you wish to fill.
  • Click the Expand button on the Control Bar across the top of the screen to expand the Live Paint Group back to standard shape and paths.

Source : Link , Question Author : jerryh91 , Answer Author : Scott

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