How to fill shirt patterns into a shirt silhouette with realistic form “twist”?

I currently have xxx amount of patterns that I want to apply to a shirt silhouette. My challenge is that I naturally want to apply the pattern with realistic “twist” and form on arms, collar etc.

So far ive been looking at Photoshop and the actions auto batch processor, but im wondering if this can be automated and done at all here. Or in any case, which other software I could use for this.

My thought is to:
– Split up the shirt in different sections, like : left arm, right arm, body etc.
– Fill the pattern in each section
– Do individual section “twist” forming the pattern in “correct” realistic direction.

To very roughly outline what im looking to do, ive put together a small gif that can be seen here:

Any suggestions?


It can be done by using pattern in photoshop by

  1. first of all define a pattern for that you

    edit->define pattern

  2. right click on your layer and then select blending option and than

  3. go to pattern option and select your recently saved pattern (probably that would be last one)

now you will have that pattern on you image

Source : Link , Question Author : user1231561 , Answer Author : Fatodi

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