How to find and remove missing fonts in Illustrator

When sending artwork to print, all fonts are made into outlines so our printer shouldn’t have any font queries. However, there are a couple anomalies that keep popping up and showing as missing fonts within the file. I have scoured the artwork trying to find where these fonts are hiding with no success.

I don’t want to replace them, I want to delete them but can’t work out how to highlight them within the artwork.

I have tried Type/Find Font and selected the missing one(s) assuming it would highlight it in the artwork, but it doesn’t.

I have also tried Object/Path/Clean Up in-case it’s simply an empty text path that is hiding somewhere, but this doesn’t work either!


Empty text objects do not outline, but they register as a font in your document because the text object retains font attributes whether there are any characters in the object or not. They can be difficult to locate manually. Here is a way to find them easily.

After converting type to outlines, only empty or locked text objects will remain, so…

  1. Unlock all layers and sub-layers.
  2. From the Object menu, choose Select > Object > All Text Objects

From there you can see and easily delete any text objects that were previously hidden.

Source : Link , Question Author : Caroline Burton , Answer Author : Scott

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