How to find existing names or associations a symbol has?

I saw a symbol like this, and didn’t know what it was called or what existing associations it might have:

circle divided into quarters with upper left and lower right filled

It seems like a pretty easy question to answer by looking in a symbol dictionary or an online “similar images” search. I figured it was probably a wingding or a webding. But nothing showed up. The closest thing I thought of (just from memory) is the BMW logo, which is supposedly an allusion to an airplane propeller.

Things I found strange:

  • The Google Images “similar search” feature did not suggest the BMW logo for this (nor did TinEye)

  • The search tool and symbol set on seem rather limited:

  • Finding a near-match doesn’t seem very easy to lead to correlated topics on Wikipedia. For instance, I got to Sun-Cross but that didn’t really go anywhere:

Using this as a case study, what is an effective research process for looking into the existing meanings of a symbol you might be using in a drawing or icon?


I’m not sure of a general library, but this is the symbol for centre of gravity in engineering. You also see it used on crash test dummies and vehicles, where apparently it’s a danger symbol.

Source : Link , Question Author : HostileFork says dont trust SE , Answer Author : Iain Hallam

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