How to find font name in Fireworks when font not installed

I have inherited a design in a Fireworks file which I’m turning into a web page. I’ve never used Fireworks but it seems to be similar (user-interface-wise) to Photoshop so it’s going okay. However, there are a number of fonts used in the design which I don’t have installed on my PC. When I open the file in Fireworks it asks if I want to ‘Replace fonts’ or ‘Maintain appearance’. Since I need to see the graphics accurately I select ‘Maintain appearance’. However, now when I select any of the text it doesn’t tell me what font it’s trying to use (I’m not trying to edit the text and I realise I couldn’t without the font being installed on my machine, but I just need to know what font it is).

In Photoshop when you select a font that’s not installed on your machine, it asks if you’d like to replace {name of font} with another font. So you can easily tell what the original font is even if you can’t edit it without changing to a font you have installed.

How would I do this in Fireworks? I just need to know what text is in what font so I can code up the web page accurately.

Thanks for any pointers folks…


Actually the only way to see which fonts are used, is to use “Replace fonts”, note the missing ones and close the file without saving.
Search them, download/buy/install them and you are done.

I’m not aware of another way to do it. :/

Source : Link , Question Author : Briquette , Answer Author : svensz

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