How to find name of original image in PowerPoint presentation?

I found an old PowerPoint slide I made, but I really want to find the original image that I imported to the slide. Is there a way to find the name of the image, upon which the slide is based (e.g., I inserted ‘imageFoo.jpg’ into my slide). I’m sure it’s in one of my hard drives.

I have tried exploring the properties of the image (right click, format image), but the closest I got to the original is its size property. Googling didn’t reveal the answer.


If your powerpoint file is an .pptx you can try this:
Rename your samplename.pptx into
Open the zip-file and check all subfolders if there is a pic in it. Hopefully it has its original name.

Yes, new powerpoint standard (.pptx) is a zip-file containing xml-files and others.

Source : Link , Question Author : neuronet , Answer Author : FrankL

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