How to find out what a font on my computer’s web font name is?

I’ve got a font installed on my computer. I want to check it doesn’t look terrible in common browsers before deciding whether to set it up as a web font, buy they appropriate license, etc etc.

How do I find out what the name to put into css font-family: fontname will be? I’ve tried various variations on the font’s name as it appears in software, but none work.


There might be an easier way, but this works:

  1. Find the original font file on your computer
  2. Copy the file name (except for the file extension)
  3. Paste that (don’t forget to use quotes – single or double – if it contains any spaces)

Note that occasionally, some fonts append the font weight to the filename – if they do, 1. shake your fist and growl, then 2. use that full string for each weight, without a separate font-weight.

For example, if the font file name is crazeE-font2 thin.tff your css will look like:

font-family: 'crazeE-font2 thin';

On both Windows (8+) and Mac, the easiest way to find original files for installed fonts is just doing a search for “fonts” in the usual system-wide search box.

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