How to find RGB or HEX for Pantone colors for graphic design?

The client gave us the Pantone color codes. These are used on health supplement product packets printing. But the codes can’t be used on social media designs.

Is there any way to find the HEX or RGB for those codes? Like is there any option in Photoshop or Illustrator to convert them?

I tried the Pantone finder but it seems quite confusing. The search shows 2 colors. I’m not sure which should I use for designs. (Both colors look slightly different, so not sure which is correct. Would like to know difference. See the image below).

enter image description here

Here are 2 of the codes I’m talking about: 1925C, 637C


Adobe Photoshop’s colour picker offers RGB and CMYK values for different Pantone inks. I’m not too sure how accurate they are, though.

  1. Open the colour picker in Photoshop;
  2. Click the button ‘colour libraries’;
  3. Open the ‘book’ dropdown list and choose the kind of ink–‘Pantone solid coated’ in your case;
  4. Key in the number of your ink, so it will show as selected;
  5. Press the ‘Picker’ key to return to the regular colour picker, which then contains RGB and CMYK values for the Pantone colour.

As with all colour management, getting perfect results is hard if not impossible. Nothing beats an actual print of different CMYK mixes and a physical Pantone Swatch Book.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vikas , Answer Author : Vincent

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