How to find the vertical midpoint of a Gimp image or canvas?

How can I locate the vertical midpoint of a gimp image? I searched online and found this post, but it didn’t give me the simple, step-by-step solution I was looking for.


After a few more minutes searching, I found the answer. So for anyone else who has this question I want to post a simple concise step-by-step explanation.

enter image description here

Script-fu window for setting vertical or horizontal guides by percent

  1. Make sure you have Gimp open with an image of some sort on the
  2. Image > Guides > New Guide (By Percent).
  3. If you don’t see a Script-fu dialog box, switch between active windows until you
    find it (in Windows use ALT-TAB).
  4. In the “Direction” drop-down
    choose “Vertical”.
  5. Ensure that “Positon” is set to 50% and click

And that’s it! If you followed the instructions you should now have a vertical line bisecting your image, in the exact middle of the canvas.

PROTIP: If you follow the procedure again, but this time choose “Horizontal”, you will now be able to locate the exact midpoint of your image in all directions.

Source : Link , Question Author : Eric Hepperle – CodeSlayer2010 , Answer Author : Eric Hepperle – CodeSlayer2010

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