How to fix this typing along path…illustrator

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How do I fix the arch to match the circle shape in the background? LIke is there a way to type along a path but have it be right through the center of the path instead of above or below it?


1- Take three circles (same size)

2- Make one circle stroke 40/ 50 pt. make sure the ‘align stroke centre’ is active.

3- Write your text on the circle, then go to

Type- type on a path option- pick align to path ‘centre’

4- Apply this for both circles where the text will appear.

5- Group two text circles into one after applying vertical and horizontal ‘centre’ alignment

6- Now align all circles according to vertical and horizontal ‘centre’ alignment.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Bruno , Answer Author : Suraiya Abedin

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