How to generate vector pattern of random dots with specific density?

I want to make a field of dots.


  • Dots should be randomly placed
  • I want to specify the density of dots (e.g. 10 dots per inch, 40 dots per inch, or 20%, 60%)


  • Dots should not touch
  • I can replace dot with other shapes.

Essentially I am looking for an equivalent of the scatter brush for fill.

Best approach so far

  • Make a grid of dots in Illustrator, using + D to accelerate the grid-building.
  • Select all and use Transform Each: set the horizontal and vertical movement to half the gap between dots (so that the dots can never overlap, and tick Random on.

This generates a somewhat random field of dots (or any other object) but isn’t entirely successful:

  • The result is still very grid-like. The dots (pips?) aren’t perfectly aligned, but they are still in loose rows and columns. (If I loosen my requirement that dots don’t touch, I can set a movement radius larger than the gaps and these columns disappear.)
  • Also, while the math is pretty simple to determine the density of dots, ideally I would only have to enter my desired density and the computer would do that math. This would allow for more experimentation.

I have also tried the Symbol Sprayer but this is even less precise.

I am hoping to do this in Illustrator; SVG or any other free vector approach would also work.


What exactly is the problem with the symbol sprayer? From your description it would seem to do what you want. Here I moved the brush in little circular motions to increase the randomness.

enter image description here

Here are the settings I used for the symbol sprayer

enter image description here

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