How to get an RGB hex code in or out of an InDesign RGB colour swatch?

I’ve been using InDesign (CS6) for designing responsive web layouts and, while it makes some things easier to convert to CSS (such as paragraph styles and character styles), colours are surprisingly awkward.

I’ve got my final swatches just right, and I want to transfer them to CSS, but I can’t find an easy way to get the RGB hex value of a particular swatch out of InDesign.

Double-clicking the swatch just gives me the RGB sliders, and double-clicking the selected fill/stroke colour just gives this dumbed-down colour picker which lack hex codes:

enter image description here enter image description here

Is there any easy way to work with hex codes in InDesign (CS6) when using RGB?


Check this post:
Color picker in InDesign

Illustrator and Photoshop’s UI has a hex display. While InDesign does not.

You can use Adobe’s kuler/color. It’s an extension that you can enable from the Window menu then Extensions, that can give you the hex codes you need without having to exit InDesign.

The button below marked “A” below imports the currently selected fill colour, giving you the hex codes in the section marked “B”. Alternatively, you can paste the hex codes into “B”, then when you’ve filled the set, use the button marked “C” at the bottom to create swatches from them.

enter image description here

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