How to get children active in graphic design?

A 10 year old child shows skill in art both on paper as well as with MS Paint, and can follow through speed paints done on YouTube very well. How could we help them improve their design skills, in addition to encouragement? I could teach them drawing in Krita/ArtRage or perhaps image editing in Photoshop/GIMP?

So far they have only used a mouse, but has recently got a Huion H610 Pro drawing tablet. They have taken part in traditional painting and drawing classes as well.

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A tablet is nice. But my answer is a bit different:

  • Take him or her to exhibitions
  • Let him or her touch sculptures
  • Let your kid draw (with pen and pencil) or ok, at the computer too, a real life-object he or she knows very well. Start with unorganic items, take pauses with organic items like a leaf
  • Show him or her Fonts
  • Show and explain the color contrasts

Try this one drawing with mischief
Or this al.chemy
al.chemy is for empowering creativity but it’s useful to play around a bit too. It’s a lot of fun without being too searious but it’s a great tool for professionals too. Have a look at this one. He uses Alchemy live in realtime:
Alchemy live

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