how to get rid of Illustrator selection tool bold outline on topmost object?

Recently while I was working on illustrator, I noticed that instead of outlining every object I selected with the same box, the top most object within the selection would have a thicker, bold bounding box.
I may have bumped a button somewhere that turned this feature on.

Any ideas how to turn this feature off?example of the bold outline


When selecting 2 or more objects, Illustrator key selected one object for me (bold outline) and it was irritating me. I went to the top of the screen where it says “Window” then selected “Align” and the Align menu box came up. Down at the bottom of the Align menu box, click on the arrow where it says “align to” and select “align to selection”. This will make your selections go back to normal. Illuatrator will auto key select an object in a multiple grouping if you have “Align to key object” selected.

Source : Link , Question Author : Plash Speed , Answer Author : Michael Rafferty

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