How to graphically represent customer flow in indoor environments?

I’d like to know how can I represent human streams and paths in indoors facilities. Where to are people moving? How do they move and in which proportions?

Something like Aaron Koblin’s Flight Patterns or Facebook’s Visualizing Friends would fit my needs, but somehow they don’t seem to show the stream/flow direction, which is a crucial dimension in an indoors paradigm.


  • Weighted graphics on the ends of a line; the thicker/longer an arrowhead or oval is at the end of a line for the more people going in that direction.
  • Colored ends at a line, say red and blue to make a purple with a given color representing a direction, and the mix showing which direction people went. Full red or blue being all one direction and purple being a complete mix.

Source : Link , Question Author : João , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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