How to group ico files

A while ago I noticed some .ico files actually came in “packs” that contained the same image in different sizes. I now need to create one of those packs (I have 10 different sizes). Do I need a specific software? Can it maybe be done online?


The GIMP‘s ICO export code can save multi-resolution icons. Here’s a very nice tutorial for creating such ICO files in the GIMP.

Basically, what you do is create a bunch of different-sized layers containing the same image (or different images, if you like) at different resolutions, and then save the image with an .ico suffix (or any suffix with “Microsoft Windows Icon (ICO)” selected as the file type), which will present you with a dialog containing additional options on how to save each layer into the final icon.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yisela , Answer Author : Ilmari Karonen

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