How to handle multiple page design projects in Photoshop

Recently we have moved from using Fireworks to using Photoshop for mocking op website designs. As I’ve been used to Fireworks for doing this, I’m running into some issues organising my mockups. Where in Fireworks there are pages and states to organize your design, I’m only aware of layer comps in Photoshop. However, it doesn’t seem like a very smart idea to handle completely different pages in a design with layer comps. What is the most efficient way to handle multiple pages and, regarding repeating elements, can you use smart objects across files and change them once and have them update across your designs?


This is my solution

open an Indesign or Illustrator file and place in it a several .PSD files each .PSD have his own name.

Now when you want to edit the booklet open the page that you want in Photoshop and edit then return to Indesign or Illustrator to export your work.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wim Mulder , Answer Author : hsawires

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