How to handle requests for revisions after final files have been submitted?

Recently I have a customer who keeps asking for revisions. The design has been finalized and the final files have all been submitted to them.
Yet, after some time, they contacted me for revisions on the final files again.

How do you usually handle case like this? Do you apply an extra charge for the revision or do you willingly make the revisions for free? Any consideration?


Any work requested after the project has finished, has been signed off on and final files have been delivered, is a new job. Charge accordingly. If it is a small revision, charge for an hours work. Even small revisions take time. It takes time to find files and resources, re-export and prepare deliverables, upload, email etc. Even a 5 minute revision can take half hour out of your day.

Have a contract, read and signed before you begin work that specifies what happens in this situation, how many revision are included and what constitutes a revision. Clearly. If everyone is clear on boundaries and what is and isn’t included then everyone is happy (if they aren’t they probably aren’t worth having as a client).

Source : Link , Question Author : hwdesign , Answer Author : Cai

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