How to have Chrome cover everything except the dock when double clicked?

So I have recently switched to Mac from Windows and I like to have the dock always visible when I’m using programs (probably because I’m used to the Start button toolbar in Windows). I don’t use the green full screen button, I just double click the title bar to make the window cover everything.

Unfortunately, this does not work in Chrome. Seems like the default shape of the Chrome window is set to be a square and when I double click on the title bar, it expands into a square, leaving space on the sides. I have to manually drag the left and right side to cover the screen.

Is there any way to change this?

EDIT: Option + Maximise does not work. It still leaves space on the sides.


Hold the Option key at the same time you click on the Maximize button on Chrome. This will maximize the window while leaving visible the menu bar and dock. This will also work on any other window on a Mac.

If this doesn’t maximize the window on the first try, drag the window to where you want it (like you’re doing now with the left and right sides) and then close the browser. Next time you open it, it should fully maximize.

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