How to hire a graphic designer?

I am developing the backend for a website. I always had the trouble of making an attractive design for my websites and have never hired any graphic designer yet. I have no logo nor web template.

What are the steps to hire a graphic designer? What information should I read about before hiring one in order to make most out of our time? Where should I find him? What questions should I ask him? How much do they charge and what qualifications should I look out for? Should I disclose my business ideas to the designer or could that be risky?


Finding excellent designers are hard.

Not because they are few, but because the MAIN thing is how you & the designers communicate, get along, like each other, understand each others standpoint and language, how the designer envisions your aims.

  • Find designs you like, and find out who did it.
  • Collect samples of what you like, so you have something to show the
    designers; hinting at what direction you want to go.
  • Go to a -say- designer Meetup in your area and talk to people
    (sometimes they let you present, and interested designers contact
    you. Plus: you meet them face to face).
  • Find out how much you can pay. Not what you want to or would like
    . The amount should hurt a little: great design does not come
    cheap. It simply does not.

Source : Link , Question Author : Newton , Answer Author : benteh

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