How to import vector graphics into Keynote 6.6.1

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for my question. I’m having a difficult time importing vector graphics (svg flat icons) into Keynote 6.6.1. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Here are some things I’ve attempted:

  • Opened svg in demo version of EazyDraw 8 and tried to save .key file but that option does not exist and I’m not quite ready to shell out for a subscription
  • Installed AI2Key AI plugin and successfully saved .key file but the file is too old for Keynote 6.6.1 and I don’t have older Keynote versions
  • Opened svg in Inkscape and saved pdf but Keynote opens the pdf as an image vs an editable (fill, size, etc) vector graphic


Pasting paths will usually rasterise you graphic – which does not scale well.

If you want a smooth scaleable graphic (but one you still can’t edit in Keynote) you can import PDFs. Those will scale smoothly, and Keynote is pretty good at preserving things like transparency.

You will need to design and edit the graphics in another program. (Also most design programs can expert selected objects – which I recommend you always do because it leaves no unwanted white space around the graphic when you import it.

Not ideal but it does the job.

For graphics I use all the time I have a couple of Keynote files that I just use to hold all my vectors – most of the time I just copy paste these from keynote to keynote so I don’t have to mess around with the finder or open my graphics program and do an export.

Keynote would definitely benefit from a good shape library feature and an import SVG capability – can’t imagine why Apple hasn’t provided this.

Source : Link , Question Author : lajulajay , Answer Author : RJP

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