How to increase negative space / improve scaling of vector graphic?

I’m fairly new to Illustrator. I bought a vector graphic of a wolf for this logo I designed (see screenshot with purple on white logo). It looks good when it is quite large, but if I scale down the logo then my wolf doesn’t look as good anymore – you can barely see his eye and somehow his fur looks a bit too bulky and out of balance for the image (see a screenshot with t-shirt design).

I was wondering if it is possible to somehow increase the negative space in the wolf graphic without screwing things up, so that the purple (or gold on the t-shirt) becomes thinner leaving more of the negative space. I am concerned about manipulating individual anchors, as I think I’ll make it look weird.

Or if you could suggest how to improve on the wolf graphic otherwise so it looks nice and crisp when scaled down – it’d be most appreciated.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Just wanted to let everyone know – the issue was solved thanks to @Scott:

“For it to work well reversed, and be perceived clearly, you need to reverse the wolf head — making light areas dark and dark areas light. Of course, that means you’ll need to rethink the circle and banner as well. – Scott Feb 13 at 8:25 “

After following this advise – I reversed the graphic’s white space and it worked out perfectly on dark background! I’m attaching the t-shirt design with reversed logo 🙂

Thanks @Scott!

enter image description here

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