How to increase saturation or intensity of this printed pattern


  • The image on the left is what I see on my monitor ( CMYK Vector )
  • The image on the right was produced using flexography for a packaging design

The image on the right is dull and murky and doesn’t ‘pop’ as much as it should. I think the yellow is the issue. Is it a possibility that my printer is at fault? Could I ask them to increase the % of yellow?

Would a matte or glossy finishing technique help?

OR is the design itself the issue with too many gradients making it hard to accurately reproduce through print?


It is quite hard to tell from the image that you have posted, but to me it looks like a result of the printing process being unable to reproduce deep or bright colours on the media being used. This is very common on matt and uncoated media.

I would expect LAMINATING (or wet varnishing) to help the colours to “pop”

You should be able to do a test of this by throwing a proof through a laminator in a gloss pouch.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cool Brian , Answer Author : Digital Lightcraft

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