How to isolate layer effects into their own layer

I’ve put some nice effects on a layer in Photoshop, and the effect is repeated across several layers. Now, I have to cut it up for the web, and I want to be efficient with how I display the effect.

For example, I had an outer glow for a quiz game I had to use for a bunch of images, and could be switched on/off. So instead of exporting each image with/without, I can just export it separately and use it/not on each image.

How do you separate the layer from its effects, so you can export only the effects?


Another way to do it would be:

  1. Create New Layer.
  2. Set Fill Opacity to 0%.
  3. Right click the layer in the Layers panel that you want to isolate layer styles from and select Copy Layer Styles.
  4. Right click the new layer and select Paste Layer Styles.

I only mention this method because the Copy/Paste Layer Styles has more than one use and could be helpful for your workflow in other tasks.

An even simpler method specifically for your case would be to just right click the layer, select Duplicate Layers.. and then lower the Fill Opacity to 0% on the duplicated layer.

Simplest of all.. set the original layers Fill Opacity to 0% and export/save it and then set it back to 100% if necessary; with this method the project file size would be smaller (assuming that you want to save it when finished).

Source : Link , Question Author : jonallard , Answer Author : Dom

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