How to join two separate shapes with an intermediate one [duplicate]

so my probleme is quite simple. i have 2 circles away from each other and not intersecting, I want to connect those 2 cirlces with a rectangle in the middle.
heres what I have
enter image description here

and heres what i want

enter image description here

however as u can see its not perfect.
I would like to know how.
(Ai cc 2018)


One easy option is to merely draw a path with rounded end caps.

  • Switch to Outline Mode (View > Outline)
  • Turn on the Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides) if they aren’t already on
  • Ensure the center marker is enabled in the Attributes Panel:

enter image description here

Using the Line Tool, merely draw a path from the center of one circle to the other. The Smart Guides will tell you when you are at the center with the cursor.

Then merely adjust the stroke weight to match the width of the circles and tick the Rounded End Caps option on the Stroke Panel

enter image description here


Source : Link , Question Author : Rechem , Answer Author : Scott

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