How to know the first anchor point in a path?

I am in a middle of a website project to learn drawing for children. that project require me to know the starting anchor point for each path I draw. and if it is miss ordered I have to revers it.

I know there is an option for a compound path to reverse the orders of the anchor points over a selected path, and I am using it.

The reason I need to re-order of the path, that I am using an online service called lazy_line_painter it’s free online service that convert my .SVG file into a path animated line.

This service draw the shape I converted into SVG in the same drawing order that is in illustrator, the very bottom layer will draw first, and the starting point will star the animation from, That’s mean I want a certain order in illustrator to appear in a specific sequences, so when I drop it in Lazy line Painter it will draw in the same order I did in illustrator. That require me to reorder my layers and know the starting points in every path I draw in Illustrator.

My question is how to know if I need to reverse the path or not? and this gonna be an easy question if I know where is my first anchor point. so How to know the first anchor point in a path?


Use the Stroke Panel to add an arrowhead to the path. You can use that to see the beginning and end of a path, then remove the arrowhead.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no direct method to find the starting anchor, only add some appearance to it so you can see it.

Source : Link , Question Author : hsawires , Answer Author : Scott

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